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Project Fi Speed Test in Shanghai, China

In this June I ordered Project Fi service from Google. Project Fi is a virtual network operator in the US. I used my project fi sim card to access internet perfectly when I was in San Francisco and other cities.  Since google is working with Sprint and US Cellular,  Project Fi has greater coverage than T-mobile. It’s pretty good to use Project Fi sim card if you love to track your outdoor events.

Now I am in Shanghai and I also bring back the Project Fi sim card. Recently Google announced that international travelers with Project Fi can access to High Speed internet in over 135 countries, while China is one of them. I am so excited that when I using T-mobile in China, the speed is limited to 2G/Edge that makes the service almost unavailable. So this time I am so excited to see how Project Fi works in China. After a few weeks, I did some tests and here are my experience.

  1. In Shanghai, you can 100% get LTE data speed, in certain areas.
  2. While you are driving, or taking a taxi or uber, it has 90% chance that LTE drops to Edge.
  3. In Edge, the phone is useless to you and it’s hard for you to connect to any website.
  4. In LTE, you can get as fast as 2000kb/s download, while over 900kb/s upload.
  5. In LTE, you can access to any of the blocked sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter. You can also watch Sling on your mobile phone without any area restrictions.
  6. If you drop to Edge, you can’t get back to LTE by airplane mode. You need to choose CHINA UNICOM, CHINA TElECOM first, 100% you can not connect to these networks. After several attempts, you pick CHINA MOBILE again. There is a chance you get back to LTE again.
Project Fi Speed Test

Project Fi Speed Test

I will do more tests in the upcoming weeks. I will keep you posted in this thread, as well as in the thread that I posted in Project Fi Forum.